One of the major contributing factors to Gen Gaia’s dedicated pursuit of advanced medicines is a common story shared by many in our team. Over the past 5 years, leaps and bounds have been made in the phytocompound and holistic medicines field. We have held witness to the extreme healing benefits experienced by people fighting ailments from Cancer to Dementia right down to the need for relief from constant inflammation. As we studied the medicines applied and the effects over and over again. It became clear that the, nearly magical, healing capabilities were coming from full and broad spectrum oils and not just the phytocompound itself that had so rampantly been trending.

Multiple teams members had loved ones ailing from maladies proven to be receptive to phytocompound treatments. Knowing that many of these ailments were very different from the other we guessed that certain specific properties found within the full spectrum oil were the responsible for combatting the different ailments. We then identified that some of the other constituents of the phytocompounds, that had not earlier been mainstream, were the responsible factors in some of the miracle type effects found from using full or broad spectrum. This discovery was somewhat of a double edged sword.

One one side we now were closer to knowing which phtyocompounds to use when testing forward but on the other side we also realized that these compounds were only found in very small percentages in most plant strains. This would not be an economically viable product that the end user could afford. We then knew we needed to find a way to formulate a product that the general public could afford and that contained enough active ingredient to produce positive health effects

As we explored further into the science we found ourselves venturing off on two separate paths. Knowing that it could take years and years to evolve the generations of plants to breed a higher percentage producing plant we decided to see if, like often found in nature, there was some sort of catalyst or signal driver found within the existing plant. We found that certain turpenes and flavonoids acted like shuttles or catalysts and if we added them to the formulation, allowing you to receive the same potent positive health effects with less phytocompounds. This new knowledge allowed us to create the highly effective and affordable products we sell to today.

We at Gengaia are creating a culture of holistic healing through a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, inspired by Nature. Generation GAIA