Gengaia’s team of scientists are fully committed in the development of processes to produce Cannabinoid isolates in the lab as a cost-effective solutions to improve production efficiency, therapeutic efficacy and product quality.

Our lab-based synthesis project is directed towards addressing challenges associated with production of isolates from the Cannabis plant:

  • overcoming seasonal variations
  • obtaining contaminant-free isolates
  • higher yields of minor cannabinoids
  • purity to meet pharmaceutical standards
Our business model is geared towards producing Cannabinoids in the lab through genetic engineering that will meet the regulatory standards for pharmaceutical applications, ensure consistent production and can be classified as natural. Our science based processes will not only ensure quality but quantity in commercial volume by the fourth quarter of 2021.The process of biosynthesis entails genetic engineering of microorganisms to produce heterologous chemicals. The technology has been used for decades for the production of numerous chemicals such as active pharmaceutical and food ingredients, monoclonal antibodies, intermediates to name a few. The safety of biosynthetic products is established as several vitamins, antibiotics, beverages are biosynthetic products.Our approach to lab-based Cannabinoids, stands distinct from our competitors, in that can be translated into large scale production, while meeting quality standards set for the Pharma, Food, Beverage, and legal recreational industries while making the products scalable and cost effective.
We are pursuing Organic Synthesis of Cannabinoids to produce high quality and consistent to meet requirements mandated for Pharmaceutical applications. Based on the principles of chemical synthesis, our proprietary process is designed to optimize production efficiency and reducing cost of these compounds.