Gengaia offers an extremely unique compound to sale holistic medicine opportunity that bridges the gap between extremely expensive phytochemical compounds and the advanced formulations that produce the desired effects that the global community has heard of but is yet to have experienced at a general consumer level; the active ingredients are just too expensive, creating the inability to build an effective product that can be sold to the general public. Also most supplement company’s have the added costs of licensing IP on formulations and excipients which increases the gap between affordable and effective products.

  • Gen Gaia builds its own pharma grade phyto compounds in a lab through genetic engineering such that meet regulatory standards for pharmaceutical application, ensure consistent production and can be classified “natural”.  We are able to create our own health care Canada bio phyto compounds for a fraction of the cost of growing high yield plants and extracting.  Our costs of building the elite/exotic phyto compounds are extremely commercially scalable, and no company can compete with our bottom line.
  • We are partnered with top global formulators. We not only own our ground breaking formulations but are at the forefront of advanced phyto medicines to being able to afford the use of elite compounds and possession the knowledge of what “drivers” ie flavonoids amplify the effects, strength/absorption of said compounds.
  • Through the same process we use to make our phytochemical molecules we are also able to make our excipients for a fraction of what competitors would pay.
  • We are already licensed for both R & D and sales/export in USA, Canada, India and Germany.
  • Our elite products range from effective anti viral supps to life changing pain patches. We have a brand new solution for sleep and of course lead with advanced anti inflammatory solutions as well all benefits presently cited from utilizing high quality phyto compounds.